Why I Ate My Placenta

You read right . . . I did eat my placenta.  Now I’m ready to come clean and tell you why I ate my placenta.

Why I Ate My Placenta

To some, eating one’s placenta is a normal healthy action.  To others, it’s appalling.  To many, it’s a weird hippie crunchy tree hugging thing to do.

Well I’ll tell you why this technical, scientific research seeking mama took a leap of faith and ate her placenta.  If you’ve ready any of my other posts or know me personally, you know I’m on a journey to live a more healthy natural lifestyle.  That journey has exposed me to many new things, many of which I have not embraced and am still approaching with caution.

Eating my placenta was not something I planned for very long . . . not something I looked forward to . . . but it is definitely something I DO NOT regret!!  It did wonders and I highly recommend it.  Want to know why?  Well listen to this darn episode now 😉  I interview a certified placenta specialist to help demystify the practice.

Can’t listen now?  No problem . . . download the episode as an MP3 directly from this player and listen later while you drive or are doing chores 😉


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