Thinking of Homeschooling Your Preschooler?

If you’re thinking of homeschooling your preschooler but have some reservations or perhaps flatout anxiety, you’re in luck because we just recorded a podcast on just this topic! ¬†So, pull up a chair and join us on our little chat over on Itunes or Stitcher ūüôā

First and foremost, RELAX!  Thanks to the many trailblazers that have come before us, homeschooling is now easy peasy! Anyone can homeschool, all you need is 1) a child and 2) mommy (or another loving grownup).  You can homeschool on any kind of budget, you can even homeschool for FREE! Here are some of the resources I may have mentioned on the show to get you started, and maybe one or two I left out.  Grab a cuppa joe, look around and email us any questions or suggestions for further homeschool podcasts/blog posts.  We LOVE to hear from you.

Thinking Of Homeschooling Your Preschooler


HSLDA РIs it legal to homeschool in my state?  In short, YES, ABSOLUTELY, it is legal in all 50 states.  However, each state has its own set of laws pertaining to homeschoolers. The HSLDA website is a great starting point to learn more about the rules in your own state.


Can I afford to homeschool? Absolutely. You can even homeschool for FREE, yes, you heard me right. One great resource I found for practically homeschooling for free is the Easy Peasy website. ¬†You will need an internet connection and access to a printer. ¬†This amazing Mom has shared all of the curriculum she’s used in her own homeschool with all of us…for FREE! Alot of it seems to follow a model of homeschooling that I love and talked about on the podcast, the Charlotte Mason way of Learning, but she also has tons of free printables and other “school-y” kind of materials. ¬†I’m sure you’ll find it very useful. ¬†When I started out I was on a very small budget. ¬†I did not have a wonderful website like this one to guide me, but even without it, homeschooling my preschoolers was SO affordable.


How do I know WHAT my preschooler needs to know? ¬†In our interview, I told Marisela to relax and not stress out about a preschool checklist. Just READ ALOUD to your child every chance you get , play, play, play with your little one and get outside every single day, if possible. ¬†But seriously, I know she and many of you are going to go “google-ing” a checklist anyway, so here is a very complete curriculum guide for a typical preschool¬†course of study. ¬†If you look closely, you will see I’m right ūüôā it boils down to spending TONS of time with your little one, talking about everything you see and do, reading together, and of course playing! That’s it, all of you Mommies who are taking the time to read this information are ALREADY doing these things, so take a deep breath and keep up the good work!


How do I schedule in my Preschoolers with my older kids and get housework done? On the podcast I shared how I set up our homeschool routine very GRADUALLY, it took us months to get into a good groove. ¬† Furthermore, I TOTALLY EXPECT it to change, without any advance notice, AT ANY GIVEN time, that is just the nature of REAL LIFE! But, generally, below¬†is the routine we’ve set up for our little homeschool. It can give you Mommies of Preschoolers a glimpse into how to fit in your Tiny Ones.

For their “school” or “Table Time” and “Play with Mommy or Big Sisters” times I am using toys from My Father’s World Curriculum Toddler’s package, more fun toys from Timberdoodle and plenty of homemade Pinterest finds for activities for keeping Toddlers busy. ¬†I don’t like doing crafts just for the sake of making something pretty, but I DO LOVE and get all crafty when it comes to making my own educational homemade toys for my kiddos, like this easy baby book we put together so baby can “read” while going down her homemade infant crawling track. crawlingtrack The internet is full of fun hands on ideas to keep your little ones busy doing “school” while you get some one on one teaching in with your older kiddos or make dinner and get daily household chores accomplished. ¬†Just for fun, and because personally it helps me SO MUCH to look at other people’s routines to get ideas for our day, here is what our Homeschool Daily Routine looks like right now as we are jumping in to the 2014-2015 school year. ¬†We are on Week 3, and so far so good!

2014 – 2015 Homeschool Daily Routine


What do you do for P.E.?¬† Aside from Bible stories, feeding my kids very nutrient dense foods from the beginning, bathing and making sure my kids get lots of hugs, kisses and REST….Physical fitness TOPS m y list of things I absolutely MUST include in my children’s day. ¬†We swim almost every day, weather permitting. ¬†We go on, once again Charlotte Mason-style nature walks, play at the playground and or just play in the yard almost every single day. ¬†From the time my children are born, I believe that THE NUMBER ONE way to grow their brains is to get plenty of oxygen to them. ¬†We begin a physical program for our little ones as soon as they come home from the hospital with many ideas from the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. (Our infant crawling track idea and the beautiful pictures for our baby book, ¬†from the picture above, came from The Institute). I have some strong kiddos, and trust me (this from a mommy who cannot do ONE pull up or cannot even do a “boy” push up) this is NO ACCIDENT and it’s definitely NOT passed down from their mommy’s genes. Well, have fun and please leave a comment so we know you are out there!¬†¬†Hey, we’d even LOVE to have you come on the show and ask the questions yourself if you’d like. ¬†We’re here to encourage you and walk along side you on this wonderful journey!

– Claudia (currently homeschooling my 2 Tiny Tots, 2 Middle Schoolers and 1 High Schooler…oh and MYSELF, as we’re never really done learning, are we?!).

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