The Organic Shock

Buy Local Go BrokeResistance to Healthy Eating

I’ve always heard that eating foods and vegetables, especially organic, is good for you . . . . yada yada yada.  But I never really cared to find out why.  It just kind of made sense in the back of my mind even though I didn’t really know what organic meant.  So I safely stored it there for future use 🙂

I have never eaten much fruits and vegetables;  I’m mainly a starch and legume eating carnivore.  I was raised by parents who grew up so humbly and, dare I say it, poor in Mexico that a good breakfast in their childhood was a sweet bread with a cup of black coffee.  A single piece of steak had to be stretched into a stew to feed a family of five.

What does that matter?  Well first of all, a staple in their up bringing which became a staple in mine was Spanish rice and beans.  Vegetables occasionally showed up as boiled corn, steamed cauliflower (ugh), and a zucchini ratatouille.  Most often they showed up as onion, tomato, and garlic inside a main or side dish.  Salads for us meant iceberg lettuce and tomato.

It really wasn’t until I got to UC Berkeley at the age of 23 that my eyes were open to healthy eating and cultural foods outside of Chinese and Mexican food.  But, I still resisted.  I refused to conform to what I considered at that time to be a “tree hugging hippie craze”.  Shopping at Berkeley Bowl was out of the question.  I searched out every Mexican carniceria I could find.

The Organic Decision

But now, here I am, 15 pounds above my ideal weight with a metabolism as slow as a tortoise.  I chose to do a home business in health and wellness, so not wanting to be a hypocrite, I decided to get myself and my family healthy.

After an intense week of research, hubby and I made the decision to not only make a strong commitment to eat healthy but to also go organic (as much as possible).  Not being prepared with any coupons or recipes in mind, I decided to go to the least intimidating store I knew that would have organic food, Trader Joe’s.

I only got enough food for two days to give myself time to get my game plan together for taking on this new organic lifestyle.  When I was rung up at the register, I got the biggest shock of my life, $78!  Organic shock!  That’s close to what I usually spent for a week’s groceries at Winco!!  My heart drop and I thought, “Ay, Dios mio, what have I done.”

As tempting as it is to go back to old ways for the sake of saving money, I know this change is worth it.  A good side effect is that we’ll likely eat a lot more vegetables since we don’t want to pay $6.99 and above for a pound of organic meat.  Tack on some awesome vitamins and minerals, we’ll be good to go.  It’s not going to be easy, but improving our health will be worth it.

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