The Joy of Organization

I just had an eureka moment thanks to my local MOPS group meeting.  The topic of discussion was home organization and it somehow gave me the clarity over my current state of life for which I had been searching.  It helped me realize the joy of organization.  Give me a few minutes and I’ll explain.

The Joy of Organization

As you read last week, I have been suffering from a Mommy Identity Crisis brought on by my husband giving me a deadline on my entrepreneurial efforts.  So I’ve had writer’s block for about two weeks or more.  I’ve been a little down and unmotivated with regard to this blog and my other projects.  I’ve been pretty much dragging my feet at home.  My dilemna is figuring out how to take care of my family and home without giving up my personal goals.

I’ve been praying for God’s guidance.  So yesterday, I felt strongly led to attend a MOPS meeting and surround myself by women who have the same family goals and priorities as I try to have.  One of the members stood up to share her thoughts on home organization.  She started off by stating that her family has a family mission statement.  Everything they do is based on the family mission statement . . . including organization and decisions on what they own.  For them, it is important to live simply.

As the talk went on and the other women shared, it suddenly did not seem as overwhelming of a task for me to organize my home as I had once felt.  The presenter spoke of giving oneself grace and just do one’s best in the reality of one’s life.  The discussion was motivating and refreshing.  Better yet, it gave me a sense of clarity.

You see, my husband loves organization.  I don’t know why I never realized it is a love language of his . . . perhaps because I was in denial since it’s not my forte.  Last night alone, he was busy organizing – not washing –  the dirty dishes.  It gave him peace to see a  rinsed and neatly piled stack of dirty dishes . . . it wasn’t them being dirty that bothered him . . . it was the lack of organization.  He sees the joy of organization.

This is what I realized at MOPS!  My husband is most frustrated with mess and lack of organization.  Our house isn’t horrible, but it has lots of room for improvement.  If I make a bigger effort in that area, it will please hubby and keep him from feeling I’m wasting my time on-line (although he’ll never say it that way, I’m sure it’s how he feels).

I also realized that I hadn’t been organizing or basing my decisions on my family’s goals.  Doing that will give me a better sense of direction on how to use my time.  So what are my family’s goals?  Well, we haven’t formally sat down to figure out a mission statement, but based on ongoing conversations . . . our goals are to grow in our faith and relationship with God and enjoy life.  Simple, right?

Guess what?  I haven’t been fully enjoying life.  I have been stressing too much about the technical aspects of my business projects to truly enjoy my daughter and interact with her like she deserves.  I was heading straight for the computer after dinner since hubby could watch the little one then, instead of spending family time with them.  I’ve had a cluttered brain because I’ve been ignoring our family’s priorities.

So I have a new resolve that I believe has come from the good Lord.  I am going to focus on Him, my home, my family, and life.  I can blog my heart out about that and continue to attempt to encourage and support other mothers.  Afterall, I have to have my priorities down if I’m going to attempt to encourage anyone.  Last night, I tearfully shared this resolve with my husband.  He was overjoyed and removed my deadline to make X amount of dollars by the end of the year.  He said he didn’t mind me working on other things as long as it came second to our family at all times.  Phew!

Now here is the honest truth, I will be going against what any business guru out there advises.  The advice will always be to build a business fast and dedicate long hours up front so you can gain confidence and build your story to share with others.  I agree, but unfortunately I’ve wasted my first year figuring out the right business course to follow.  I believe I’ve finally found it, but I can’t afford another year of hard dedication to it.  I strongly believe that if I serve God and my family first, the good Lord will bless me and guide me.  If a successful business is on the horizon, then that will come as I live my life.  If it isn’t, then He will continue to bless us in other ways.  In the meantime, on to my priorities with a sense of peace and clarity.  That, my friends, is the joy of organization.

I’m sure you’ve had moments of clarity like I did at my MOPS meeting . . . please share in the comments . . . it’ll inspire other moms like you 😉


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