Starting Your Own Homeschool Library

On our Homeschool Preschool Prep podcast, we mentioned the importance of being selective with the reading materials we present our children with. I was a little hard on disney books and felt bad afterward so as a disclaimer I’ll just add here that we do own some wonderful as well as some “blah”disney and otherwise not great pieces of literature.

 Starting You Own Homeschool library

Our favorite in the first category  is this really great princess cookbook, my girls love trying out the recipes in here and they are actually very tasty, not at all what I expected.  What’s really neat about it is the food follows the theme of the princess story.

Okay, now disclaimer aside, most of the “blah” books that are in our home are there because well  meaning friends passed them on or because my kids really wanted them and purchased them themselves, usually because they have to do with their favorite movies or toys. For example my 12 year old purchased at least 10 My Little Pony Books. And I’m okay with that, you just won’t find me using my precious yearly homeschool budget on those types of books. 🙂

There’s a healthy balance in the reading material in our home. I think of it as food for my children’s soul. The Bible is a staple of course, there’s no compromising there.
But much like their diet—they eat greens, fruits, meats, healthy fats daily but of course they are free to indulge in birthday cake, ice cream with dad, pizza when mom’s burned out with homeschooling, mac n cheese when they cook for their homeschool friends, etc 🙂 —likewise the meat and veggies of our home library are classics, great historical fiction, Godly science and beautiful art picture books.

Starting You Own Homeschool library_Disney Cookbook
As we progress with our blog posts I hope to share more about the wonderful library we’ve built up over the years of homeschooling from grades prek thru 9th grade so far.

If you are new to homeschooling I highly recommend you head over to your library and get your hands on a copy of Honey for a Child’s Heart to get you started. Also, we’ve purchased most of our books directly from SonlightMy Father’s World, and Queen Homeschool Supplies. Costco is awesome for cool science books too! This should give you lots to look at for starting your own homeschool library:) Have fun!

Now….don’t stress out after going to those websites. You can totally build a beautiful library on a budget. You can just use those sites as resources for good ideas. You can take those wonderful lists of age appropriate books and just head over to your library and borrow the books for free! You can get the books used on ebay, this can be super cheap if you go off season, in other words don’t buy them in the summer when every other homeschooler is trying to buy on ebay, it really drives the prices up. And my favorite resource ever is getting a kindle reader because there are hundreds…yes hundreds of FREE classics you can download on there for your kids. No catch, they are absolutely free!

I have a new favorite resource for cheap, yet beautiful books, hold on to your seats: the Target Dollar Spot section! Check out my teenage daughter in this video sharing the pretty books we found for just a dollar a piece recently for our little Tots ages 1 and 2. They have been a great hit! Hurry over and get some and tell us what you think. Or leave us a comment and share your thoughts and tips on this topic 🙂 We really want to hear from you!

Starting You Own Homeschool library_Learn With Nature

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