Simple DIY Baby Name Puzzle

Today we whipped up a cute little DIY baby name puzzle for Baby Boy’s school time.
Simple DIY Baby Name Puzzle_Pinnable Image
I bought some foam letters similar to the ones shown above for $1 at the Dollar Tree.
 foam letters

I used this neat free app on my phone from  to scan an image of my little one’s name made out of the foam letters placed on top of a blank sheet of white paper.  I was careful to fit the page pretty close to fit the entire area I was scanning so that the letters would be the actual size of the original when I went to print it out.
 Simple DIY Baby Name Puzzle Screenshot
Then, I took the opportunity to go ahead and set up my phone to print from my wireless printer, something I had been putting off for a long time but I knew would come in handy for homeschooling.  I used Google’s cloud printing, you can find the easy directions on how to do this here. It took just a couple of minutes.
Finally, I printed it out in color and VOILA! Our own DIY Baby Name Puzzle 🙂
dollar store puzzle finished
 So, I’m thinking I’ll put it in a plastic cover and on some days Baby Boy can match the letters to it, and other days he can use a dry erase marker to trace it over and over and other days, if Mom’s in a messy mood, he can even paint over it.
So, please share with us any of your own neat simple little preschool projects, we’d love to hear from you!
– Claudia
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