Secondary Infertility, My Natural Living Miracle

Secondary Infertility:  My Natural Living Miracle

Disclaimer:  This is a really long post.  I hope you have the time to read it all.  If not, I hope the subtitles help you determine the sections that interest you most.  The first half is focused on my transition to a better lifestyle that I believe is a huge factor to my fertility.  The second half is focused on lifestyle changes directly linked to fertility.  You won’t want to miss the conclusion 🙂

Secondary Infertility My Natural Living Miracle

Seeking natural solutions to an infertility issue, is unfortunately not very mainstream.  For some reason conventional doctors don’t believe diet and lifestyle are the whole solution, if they even believe it’s part of the solution, and promptly direct people to infertility treatments.

I believe in a superior healer who fortunately happens to be the designer of our bodies.  I believe He’s been guiding me to a healthier lifestyle the past year for a reason.

My Former Lifestyle

A little over a year ago, I was a couponing maniac.  Not to say that I was one of those people who stock their entire garage with a stock-pile, but I was looking for great deals every week for sure.  I was stocking up on household cleaners, shampoos, soaps, detergents, all kinds of household supplies and a few food supplies like hamburger helper (which we never ate).  Household and food toxins didn’t cross my mind.

Fast Food

I thought food was food.  It must be safe if its sold in a grocery store.  The government has our back with all their regulations, right?  Ha, ha, ha.  I was blind.

Hubby and I bonded almost EVERY night at midnight by sharing a second dinner.  This was not leftovers, or a homemade snack, but rather fast food of the sorts of Jack in the Box or Del Taco.

I almost never exercised.  My sleep was still horrible due to a co-sleeping toddler and the fact that I’m a light sleeper.

Needles to say, I didn’t have the healthiest lifestyle.

A Call To Change

Then came a cold call from a lady who had gotten my phone number from an internet marketer from earlier in 2013 when I was freely giving it away in hopes of learning how to get an internet marketing business going.  She asked how my current business was going and if I’d be willing to hear about another business that “just made sense”.

Toxic Household Cleaners

Needless to say, it did make sense to me and I first joined as a customer . . . just to be safe.  It was a company that promoted non-toxic household products.  I’d basically switch stores, buy my stuff from them and get some perks.  If I recommended it to someone else and they became a customer, I’d earn a referral commission.  Simple.

So I started using these non-toxic products because of the potential of turning it into a business.  I never knew it would start to turn my life around.

Because of this company, I started to learn about the importance of organic farming versus conventional farming.  I learned why it’s important to supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals.  I learned about all the toxic chemicals that exist in products we use every day.  I learned how government  organizations and federal regulations have been tainted to protect industry tycoons rather than the public’s health.

No, I haven’t become a crunchy granola.  But perhaps, one day I will 😉


The Start of A Better Lifestyle

Around this time, hubby read The Ethics Of What You Eat.  It was a true eye opener regarding the quality of the meat we were eating.  We made a decision to transition to organic meat for both ethical and heath reasons.

We slowly started to minimize the process foods we were eating.  We were on the right path to improve our health.

Ethics Of What We Eat

BUT . . . fast food was still very present in our lives.  Plus, it gets expensive to try to buy all organic.  So we weren’t consistent.  Our decisions were governed by how cheap we were feeling each day.

Although I pretty much stopped couponing, I did not want to waste my little stock pile so we were also still using the products I was now convinced were toxic.

It’s strange though how knowledge is not everything.  I remember telling my husband, “you know, I now know a better way of living but I kind of feel like I don’t have a pressing incentive or motive to fully transition to that better way of living.”  Be careful what you wish for!

Even though I knew carcinogens were lingering in my detergent, I still used them.  Why, because even though the risk was there, I was in denial.  I thought “well they say the amounts are so little, they aren’t harmful”.  “Well no studies have proven someone directly getting cancer from this”.

Of course not!  No study is going to be able to collectively determine under a controlled experiment the effects of all the chemicals in our household cleaners, detergents, shampoos, processed food, GMO food, clothes, furniture, and pretty much everything in our surroundings.

Natural Living and Secondary Infertility

When I found out I had secondary infertility, that was the incentive and motivation I was lacking to be consistent with the new way of living I had found.  I won’t mislead you to believe that our home is 100% toxin free.  Nor will I lead you to believe that we buy all things organic and I no longer buy anything in a box or can.

Healthy Dinner

Real natural living would mean I make everything myself (including detergents and shampoos) and perhaps grow all my own food organically.  We’d be living much like an Amish community.  Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

But we have shifted towards more natural living for sure.  We’re perhaps 70/30 right now.

I also researched the internet for natural solutions to fertility.  I came across a few sites but one that stood out was Natural Fertility Info.

By reading those articles, I realized that I could boost my fertility through diet and exercise.  I don’t mean dieting to lose weight, but rather focusing on certain foods that boost fertility.

If you visit the site, the site owner Hethir Rodriguez promotes a body cleanse, supplements, and fertility massage amongst other things.  I did not want to go try these things blindly.  I was also reluctant to consult her without ever seeing her in person, being that she is located in San Diego, although it certainly was possible.

Fertility Foods

I started to eat the fertility foods.  But it occurred to me to ask my awesome chiropractor Kris Chaffin from Core Chiropractic if he knew of any doctors that practiced natural medicine.  I needed someone to guide me through this process I wanted to start.  He referred me to Revolutions Naturopathic where I consulted Dr. Brinkley.

Dr. Brinkley did not seem at all phased by my situation.  To be honest, I was a little concerned at first because she did not look concerned.  She told me, “Infertility is never just infertility.  There may be some underlying issues.  Let’s do a full check to see how we can help your body get back into balance.”

That is exactly what she did.  I can’t tell you the tests she ran, but it was a whole bunch of them.  She did a thorough review of my health carefully explaining what each test result meant.  Let me tell you there were a lot of them.  I had never received this kind of time and attention from a doctor.

She explained to me that I was missing a gene from both parents that I needed to naturally make methyl folate at full capacity.  This is related to heart health, mental health, and reproductive health . . . go figure.  She also pointed out a few diet deficiencies such as Vitamin B and D.

I came home with a bunch of supplements to help bring my body into balance.  She also made me some herbal tinctures.


I was prescribed to eat lots of greens, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts, oysters (yuck), and pinto beans.  What?  Food was my medicine?

She told me to drink 70-75 ounces of water a day, get regular massages, and exercise 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.

All these things would bring my body into balance, my hormones into balance, and hopefully get me going on my pregnancy journey.

A Miracle Happens

I believed 100% this would be the solution to my secondary infertility.  I prayed and asked God to help me and guide me through this process.  I had faith in God and His design.

A month after seeing my naturopath, I was due for my period.  Luckily, my periods had normalized on their own before I started seeing her without the need of progesterone or clomid.

It didn’t come.

Was I worried? No.  I had faith.  I waited.

Six days after my expected period, I took a home pregnancy test.

It came out positive.  I’m pregnant!!!!

We are pregnant

The good Lord delivered me.  Praise Jesus!

This puts conception as early as a week after I started taking my natural medicine.  Was it the medicine and my faith or just a miracle from God?  Did the changes I made on my own prior to meeting with the naturopath help?  I can’t prove it scientifically, but I have faith that everything had a part.

I believe God guided me and led me through it all.  I believe God creates miracles through the solutions He leads us to.   I believe God tweeked my body and helped it heal quickly.

I share this good news with you today to give you hope.  Any ailment you may be going through, don’t be afraid to seek natural solutions.  Don’t forget to put it in God’s hands.

Today, I have the joy of announcing to the world that I WILL BE A MOTHER AGAIN!!!

My baby, thus far, has a strong heart beat.  I have faith that all will be well despite now being labeled as “high risk” due to my age.  I’m under better care, I believe, with a different set of OBGYNs and midwives.

First Sonogram

All is good.  God is good.

I humbly ask, if you have a minute, that you please pray for me and my family.  Please pray that God continues to guide and deliver us.  Please pray for a healthy full term pregnancy.

I look forward to continue to share this journey with you, my friends.  Thank you so much for your support.  Just having you read this warms my heart.

Thank you!

Yours truly,


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    • Marisela says:

      Thank you Dawn! I truly hope my story does encourage others and a similar solution works for them as well. We are so excited. Thank you for your support 😉

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