Real Mom Fears – We All Have Them

Real Mom Fears – We All Have Them

Motherhood is no joke.  Nothing can prepare you for it; it’s simply life changing.  So of course it comes with fears, real mom fears – we all have them.

Real Mom Fears We All Have Them

Fears vary depending on what stage of motherhood we are in and depending on our personality.  I remember as a new mom, I feared my baby . . . yes, my baby.   I was afraid I wouldn’t know how to take care of her, how to feed her properly, how to read her when something was wrong, . . . . how to protect her.  I was so afraid of her getting sick, that I hardly left the house with her the first 3 months of her life.  I didn’t want visitors because they’d have germs and I didn’t know how to politely ask them to wash their hands before touching her.  My fears were so REAL.

These days I have a whole range of fears.  The most extreme is that of losing her, either by her being taken away by someone or by death.  I sometimes think I’m crazy for even thinking that and shut the idea out of my mind.  However, all it takes is to watch the news to realize how REAL that fear is and although I can’t let it define me, I do need to find a way to address it.

In this episode of our podcast, Claudia and I discuss some real mom fears.  We know you have some of your own and we don’t want you to ever feel like you are alone in your mom fears.  We may not have solutions for them, but sometimes it’s comforting to just have a community of mothers who understand you.

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  1. Susan Evans says:

    My daughter is going in to surgery on January 8th to get a lump removed from her spine. When I saw the MRI, I felt real fear of losing my daughter. I’m holding onto the truth that God is sovereign and that He is good. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    Susan Evans recently posted…Missionary Kids and the HolidaysMy Profile

    • Marisela says:

      Oh my, Susan. I can’t imagine your fear and anxiety. I often question my faith when I allow such feelings to take over, but then I remind myself that I am only human. Because I am human, I have God to see me through things and take care of things. He is truly faithful to those who believe in Him and accept Christ. All things are possible through His healing power. Pray, pray, pray, and have others pray, pray, pray. It would not be a surprise for doctors to not find anything on that day. Keeping you, your family, and especially your daughter in my prayers!!!

    • Marisela says:

      Thank you, Misty! Fears are so many in our lives, aren’t they? It is the courage we work up as mothers and faithful servants of God that sees us through. I certainly share your fears!

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