Preschool Books on Double Duty

If you heard our podcast on raising a multilingual child with Melissa Galvan, you might remember, okay, I’ll remind you, that I recommended using a series of Spanish pre-readers that I found a few years ago at Wally mart.

Preschool Books On Double Duty

I think I said I was going to use these for part of my Toddler’s read-aloud time to make sure he is hearing the language, since I tend to drop the ball and speak English all day if I don’t make time to schedule in Spanish.  Even when I did schedule it in the past, it tended to be the first thing on our schedule to get dropped if we had to move things around because something came up.


However, heaven and earth must be moved, or something short of that, for me to drop my reading times with my little babies.  That’s something I don’t easily compromise on….I was even so exhausted recently that I FELL ASLEEP READING! I know, crazy, I think it started with me thinking, “I’ve memorized all of these books, so I’ll just rest my eyes while I recite them and baby boy will never know!” Well, he knew, because before I knew it I felt some tiny, chubby little fingers gently prying open my eyelids! Who knows how long I’d been sleeping through the Spanish version of Elmo and his babysitter?!


Anyhow, all that to update you ladies and let you know it’s working out really well with the pre-reader Spanish books.  The girls even take turns a few times a week and take over the reading [gasp! yes, I have to cook dinner, so I sadly must relinquish some of my read-aloud times].


What has happened is that this has turned into THE BIG KIDS’ spanish reading class with our preschool books working double duty as preschool read-alouds and middle school readers! The girls’ Spanish vocabulary has increased and their Spanish pronunciation and reading are both coming along beautifully! I love these homeschool moments 🙂


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