The Power Of Touch

The Power Of Touch

As other mothers, I find myself getting¬†consumed in the daily routine of pseudo cleaning, cooking, changing diapers (well maybe not for a few months), feeding kiddos, giving baths (ok, maybe twice a week ūüėČ ) – RINSE – REPEAT.¬† ¬†Because doing things for my family is MY current¬†love language, I often forget to show my love for my husband (specifically) in other ways. ¬†I¬†had¬†honestly forgotten the power of touch.

The Power Of Touch

As a child and even young woman, I yearned, missed, and needed my mother’s touch . . . a hug¬†and snif of the familiar perfume on her clothes was oh so comforting. ¬† ¬†I’d even settle for a¬†smack in the butt, which is her love language. . . .Through my mother, I learned¬†the power of touch.

When I got married, I developed a similar addiction for physical affection from¬†my husband. ¬†I wanted to hug him, be held by him, and just squeeze him so hard! . . . He’d even say, “babe, I gotta go . . . I’m going to see you tonight.” ¬†I guess I was hugging him like it was the last time. ¬†But, shouldn’t it be that way? . . .¬†With my husband, I knew¬†the power of touch.

With my daughter, I’m loving, hugging, cuddling, and kissing her all day long. ¬†She absolutely loves it. . . . To my daughter, I taught the power of touch. . . . BUT, it came at a bit of a cost.

My daughter has always been the jealous type where she only wants daddy and mommy loving on her . . . not each other! ¬†So to not deal with the screams, outbursts, and cries, I’ve withheld from hugging and kissing¬†my husband as much as I did¬†in the past. ¬†Big mistake! ¬†. . . when did she become boss of my relationship with her daddy?

Rediscovering The Power Of Touch

Hubby and I¬†try to make time for dates, although they are very irregular. ¬†When we do get some time alone, it’s usually dinner and a movie. ¬†Then, we rush to pick up our daughter for a decent bedtime. ¬†A typical date consists of us talking about what went on that day or the food on our plate or the young awkward couple on their first date next to us. ¬†We then sit quietly for a 2 hour film, and then talk about how we really shouldn’t have eaten those nachos and tub of popcorn after a 3 course dinner. ¬†Of course, at that point, we’re so tired . . . but still consider a Krispy Kreme run. ¬†After all, we don’t do this every day. ¬†Exciting, right?!

This past week, I had the opportunity to spend 4.5 full days ALONE with my husband. ¬†“What are we going to talk about?” actually crossed my mind. ¬†But you know what? ¬†There was tons to talk about, starting with those million things we tell each other and only half hear because there is usually a screaming¬†toddler in the background.

We held hands! ¬†Sure, I had to gently remind him, “HOLD MY HAND NOW!” ¬†But it was sweet, and reminiscent of our courting days when he used to buy me flowers regularly and open the car door for me. ¬†Not that I’m bitter that doesn’t happen much these days . . . . I’m just saying.

The Power Of Touch_B

We dreamed together and made plans for the future.  We talked about and agreed on the priorities in our life as a family, such as that supercharger that is essential for his Mustang.  We were silly and laughed together, ok farted together . . . really, that darn burrito tore us up!  TMI, I know . . . sorry.  The point is, we reconnected.  We touched.

Quite honestly, those few days away and alone with each other revitalized our marriage. ¬†It helped us rediscover each other even though we hadn’t realized we were losing touch. ¬†Sure, it was hard being away from out little one and we talked about her often, but it was GOOD, SO GOOD. ¬†It helped make US¬†a priority, something that hadn’t happened for quite a while.

So if you haven’t had time alone with your husband . . . and I’m talking at least 2 days, 1 night . . . please try. ¬† It’ll rejuvenate your marriage and you!! ¬†It’ll be surprisingly relaxing as well. ¬†Give yourself the opportunity to rediscover the power of touch.

Have you had any similar experiences falling out of touch with your spouse? ¬†What do you do to reconnect? ¬†Please share in the comments, I’d love to know.

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