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Episode 28: Balancing Mom And Work At Home Responsibilities

Live Date 04/07/2014

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities as a mom?  Do you work at home as well but are trying to figure out the right balance between work and personal life?  Come listen to one of our Everything Stay At Home Mom’s community members share her experience as a from home entreprenuer and mother.  As if things weren’t hard enough, she also has a special needs child and rocks the mom role.  Things aren’t always easy, but she’ll share how she keeps going in the right direction.

Episode 27: Choosing The Right Preschool For Your Child

Live Date 04/01/2014

Are you a first time parent with a tiny little tot that is ready to start preschool?  Do you know what to look for in a school?  It is a huge decision since you are trusting your little person to another person’s care.  Plus, their preschool learning will affect how prepared they are for Kindergarten.  Listen in as a child specialist walks us through the process of choosing the right preschool for your little one.

Episode 26: Mystery Shopping 101:  Better Than Couponing

Live Date 03/12/2014

Would you love to have your groceries paid for?  What about not having to budget in that pesky oil change?  Don’t usually remember to set aside money for date night?  No problem!  In this episode, an 8 year mystery shopping veteran tells us how to get all this paid for by someone else.  Think of it as another way of couponing.  Shop, provide feedback to the company you are shopping for, and get some of your expenses paid.  It’s a win, win!

Episode 25: The Joy of Organization:  Tips and Tricks

Live Date 03/04/2014

Do you ever feel like everything you do throughout the day is just maintenance . . . or even survival?!  Do you wish your home could be just a tad bit more organized?  There has to be a sane way to organize those craft supplies and toys, right?  Listen in for some easy tips and tricks to organizing your home from certified professional organizer Bonnie Joy Dewkett from The Joyful Organizer.

Episode 24: Teaching Native Spanish In An American World

Live Date 02/19/2014

Are you a first, second, third, or beyond Latin generation parent with hopes of teaching your children Spanish?  Or perhaps you have no Latin background but think Spanish is a great language for your kids to learn.  Teaching native Spanish in an American world is a challenge, especially when taken on as a home project.  The tools available to us here in the U.S. are limiting in many ways or just unfamiliar in context.  Listen in on a valuable resource we’ve discovered to make this journey fun and familiar.

Episode 23: A Day In The Life Of A Work At Home Dad

Live Date 02/12/2014

Have you ever wondered what work at home parents do? . . . let alone a work at home dad?  I’ve always been curious how they can make a living from home and why they choose to.  I was intrigued when I found out my former boss had kissed his Director of Engineering job good bye and was not turning back.  Listen in as he tells us what led him to kick Corporate America to the curb and shares details of his new fulfilling life.

Episode 22: Get Fit 90 day Challenge

Live Date 02/05/2014

Join us during week 1 of Marisela’s 90 day fitness challenge. We’ll discuss her strategies and questions that are still lingering on how to get fit and reach her ideal weight.  It’s not too late to join.  We’ll help you stay accountable and cheer you on.  If you’re in, message us on our facebook page:

Episode 21: 8 Months Pregnant:  Miserable Nights, Hopeful Days

Live Date 01/22/2014

This week’s podcast is dedicated to our pregnant mommies.  If you are pregnant, your body and soul are probably going through a lot of ups and downs.  Claudia knows first hand.  Since we’re all about keeping it real, we decided to take this opportunity to talk about her current experience.  We wanted to use it as an opportunity to encourage other pregnant mommies.  If you’re not pregnant, you’ll probably find this episode encouraging as well.

Episode 20: Mevoked: Protecting Your Child’s Mental Health

Live Date 01/15/2014

As parent’s we have the responsibility of young lives in our hands.  So it is normal to feel shame, guilt, blame, when our child does something wrong or hurtful towards others . . . or themselves.  Worst of all, it is possible to be caught totally off guard.  With bullying, beating, suicides, murders, and so forth going on amongst kids, one is left wondering what the adults could have done to prevent it.  Join us as we talk about children’s mental health and what we can do as parents to be aware of our children’s mental state.  We will share a fantastic on-line tool that can track children’s mental state much like the search engines track our shopping tendencies.

Episode 19: Potty Training For The First Time

Live Date 01/07/2014

Happy New Year!!!  Hope the new year is starting out strong for you all.  We have so many goals, we don’t know where to start.  One of them being potty training.  Join us as I (Marisela) talk about my fears and questions regarding potty training and veteran mom (Claudia) counsels and encourages me.  This should be a very helpful episode for any parent potty training for the first time or who hasn’t done it in a while.

Episode 18: Helping Mommies Keep Their New Year’s Resolution

Live Date 12/30/2013

Do you have a hard time keeping your New Year’s resolution?  Would it help you to have an accountability team?  Check out what we’re doing for our mommies.  We’ll be sharing our personal resolutions as well.

Episode 17: Couponing Basics, Beyond Sunday Inserts

Live Date 12/17/2013

Do you coupon or have looooong considered couponing? Does it seem overwhelming or too time consuming? Come get some tips from our long time couponing friend . . . . in fact, I’ve been astonished at the deals she gets to the point that I personally consider her a couponing genius 🙂 She takes couponing beyond Sunday inserts getting deals even at Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works. Surprising, I know. You won’t want to miss this episode.

Episode 16: Keeping Christ in Christmas

Live Date 12/11/2013

With all the crazy marketing going on during the holiday season, it sometimes requires extra effort to keep Christ in Christmas. Join us as we review the history of Christmas and share fun proven ideas on how to keep Christ in it all.

Episode 15: Holiday Detox, How Momma Gets Her Groove Back

Live Date 12/05/2013

Getting back into the swing of things can be hard after the holidays. Let’s chat about how we can get our spiritual, mental, and emotional groove back if needed . . . .

Episode 14: Modern Day Mom, Efficiency Through Technology

Live Date 11/19/2013

Moms this day in age are busier than ever before. Why not leverage modern day technology to increase your efficiency? You’ll be the super mom of your clique. Yes, many tools out there can be intimidating, but we’re here to make it easy for you.

Episode 13: Why We Blog So Much About Food Part 2

Live Date 11/13/2013

Yes, we have more to say. Come listen to the conclusion of “Why We Blog So Much About Food” 🙂

Episode 12: Why We Blog So Much About Food Part 1

Live Date 11/07/2013

You may or may not have noticed that we talk about food a lot. We want you to know why. It’s not all we are about, but it’s important to us. Check out our blog, there is plenty more yummy posts on there.

Episode 11: Help Your Kids Memorize Anything

Live Date 10/29/2013

Our 14 year veteran SAHM talks about easy tips for teaching kids memorization. We’ll have a special guest appearance by some talented young ladies. Don’t miss it!

Episode 10: Kick the Flu to the Curb

Live Date 10/24/2013

Flu season stinks. It’s horrible to have sick kids in the house, let alone our suddenly not so tough hubby. But when mom is sick, who cares other than mom? Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop turning and the show must go on. This makes it so much harder for mom to recover. Listen in for some natural ways to get yourself back up and recovered in no time.

Episode 9: Raising A Bilingual Child

Live Date 10/08/2013

This is a very special episode. We welcome our first guest, Melissa. She is a child development specialist and will be speaking on bilingualism. This is a topic very dear to many of us either because we grew up speaking more than one language or have that hope for our children.

Episode 8: Breastfeeding Benefits & Challenges Part 2

Live Date 10/02/2013

Join us as we finish up our discussion on the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding. I wish I’d heard this when I first had my baby!! Don’t miss it.

Episode 7: Breastfeeding Benefits & Challenges Part 1

Live Date 09/26/2013

Staying at home or not, breastfeeding can be a real challenge. However, it provides numerous benefits which makes it worth doing or at least attempting. Join us as we tackle the good and the bad of breastfeeding. We’ll provide answers to questions we had regarding breastfeeding in hopes of helping other moms.

Episode 6: Managing When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Live Date 09/23/2013

Let’s face it, we can talk about having a game plan for handling everything related to the home and family until we are blue in the face. We can have schedules made that includes every person’s activities that will help us run our life perfectly. But, at the end of the day, no day is perfect. Life happens. There are tons of distractions, emergencies, and game changers. How do you deal when things don’t go as planned? How do you deal when you have a special someone sabotage those plans? Come hear our take on that!

Episode 5: Top 10 Reasons To Be A SAHM Part 2

Live Date 09/19/2013

In this episode, we finish off our list of the top 10 reasons to be a stay at home mom. You won’t want to miss this one!

Episode 4: Top 10 Reasons To Be A SAHM Part 1

Live Date 08/15/2013

The decision to become a stay at home mom is not an easy one. Many people try to convince us that it’s just not what “moms have to do today”. We’re here to support you and tell you that your decision or desire to stay at home is the right one. We have the top 10 reasons for you to be a stay at home mom. Since we have a lot to say, there will be a Part 2 to this. So keep posted.

Episode 3: Getting Baby and Mommy Some Sleep

Live Date 08/12/2013

In this episode we’ll discuss the trials involved with getting baby to sleep through the night, since not all of us are blessed with babies that can do that easily. We’ll talk about the extremes we sometimes go through as mothers to get a decent night of sleep.

Episode 2: A Case for Schedules

Live Date 08/10/2013

In this episode of Everything Stay At Home Moms we make a very compelling case for establishing a routine and/or schedule for our kids, ourselves, and maybe even our husbands.

Episode 1: Meet the DUO

Live Date 08/08/2013

In this episode, our first, we introduce ourselves and tell you what we’re all about. Come check us out.

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