Moms Getting Things Done In A Busy Season

You’re a mom, so you are busy by default.  But there are seasons in our lives that are even more busy than usual.  Moms getting things done in a busy season requires strategy, skill, and patience.

Moms Getting Things Done In A Busy Season

Listen to our latest podcast for some tips on how to keep your sanity and knock some things off your to do list when life is super busy.

You can listen now using the player below.  Just click the play arrow (it will play even if it reads “Getting File Data”)

Can’t listen now?  No problem . . . download the episode as an MP3 directly from this player and listen later while you drive or are doing chores 😉

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  1. Claudia says:

    Yay, thanks for tuning in Fatima, I loved the picture of your LIttle Helper on your website 🙂 You’re doing great work on teaching your baby those great skills. You’ll be soooo glad later!

    • Marisela says:

      Yes, Fatima. I think all moms are busy regardless. We all have different types of busy too depending on where we and our kiddos are in life. Thanks for listening!

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