Mom of One, Don’t Fear Number Two

Becoming a mom can be frightening.   Becoming a mom of 2 or more can be even more so.  We are here to calm your fears and tell you why you got this!!  Mom of one, don’t fear number two!!

Mom Of One Dont Fear Number Two

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  1. Pamela B. says:

    Hey just discovered you guys though it looks like you’re not podcasting anymore. I just had my second (eldest is a three year old girl, baby boy is not quite two months) so I’m in this transition. I also found your minority episode interesting because while I’m white, my husband is Indian, plus we live in India so I’m a minority here! (Albeit with no oppression in my history.) I am in a preschool homeschool stage myself and found ypu guys googling something about that. Hope all is well with you and God bless.

    • Marisela says:

      Hi Pamela! Thank you so much for dropping us a note. We are so happy to hear that you found us and found one of our podcasts helpful. We are still around just swallowed up by life right now. But we are definitely chatting about making a comeback in the next few weeks. Let us know if there is anything you’d like to hear about. We don’t mind doing some research or finding experts in an area to chat with us. India! That sounds exciting and an adjustment all at once. We wish you the best as you start your homeschool journey, and we hope we can be of further help in the near future.

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