Love Yourself With A Bouqs Bouquet

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Love Yourself With a Bouqs Bouquet

Who says we can’t send ourselves flowers?  Seriously, for some reason society has us waiting for our dear prince charming to give us flowers, at least on special occasions.  In my opinion, this only sets us up for disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong, my hubby has given me his fair share of flowers.  Of course, this was mostly pre-marriage.  He must have been buttering me up.

The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers

After marriage, not so many flowers have come my way.  Now that we’re on a single income, they’ve come my way even less.  He knows I’m scrupulous about how we spend our money so he’s formed the conclusion that flowers is not the best way to do it :/

The other day, my hubby came home to find two big beautiful bouquets of white roses on our dining table.  He asks, “who sent the flowers?”  I wittingly answered, “my baby’s daddy”.

Bouquets In Vases_8

I, of course, was trying to be smart and spark a little bit of doubt and jealousy in him.  But those efforts go wasted on him, because he knows I would NEVER cheat or allow an admirer to intrude in our lives, so he replied, “oh, I did good.”

Well no, I DID GOOD.  I scored these beautiful bouquets, well most of them, thanks to my blogging efforts.

I’ll explain.

In July of this year, I attended BlogHer.  This is a blogging conference for women.  They had a huge awesome expo of vendors looking to form connections with bloggers.  I saw Bouqs’ booth and had to stop.  “Flowers?, who doesn’t love flowers?” I thought.

The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers
I stopped at their booth and got handed a deal I could not refuse.  I was given credit for a purchase of a small bouquet of farm fresh flowers from Ecuador in exchange for an honest review of the product.  I couldn’t pass that up, especially with my birthday coming up.

I honestly forgot about it, but a few weeks later I received an e-mail to confirm my interest in participating in the review.  I was given easy instructions for ordering my flowers from a given selection.

To be completely honest, the free bouquet looked a bit small in the picture.  I immediately related the image to the super tiny bouquets you can find at the grocery store for $9.99.  So I thought, “Well for only $10, I can upgrade to the mid-size bouquet.  Why not?  It’s my birthday, right?”  So I did.

Birthday Message_2

One thing I will say, I did request for a signature to be required upon receipt because I wanted to make sure the flowers weren’t left outside my door in the heat if I wasn’t home.  They were delivered while I was home but I did not hear the doorbell or a knock and found the package outside as I was leaving to go grocery shopping.  That appears to be a tiny glitch in Bouqs’ delivery system.

The flowers were delivered within the promised 7-10 business days.  For the benefit of you understanding the high quality of the flowers, I will describe how they were packaged.

Packaged Bouquets_1

The flowers came in a long cardboard box that upon opening revealed a personal message and the instructions of care for the flowers.  Inside, there were two bunches of flowers individually wrapped in a cardboard covering.  These bunches were secured to the box to prevent them getting roughed up in transport.

Inside Bouquet Packaging_3


Reinforced Bouquet Packaging_4

Flowers In Packaging_5

Cellophane was also used to protect each bouquet and rubber bands kept the stems secure.  Once I removed all the packaging, I noticed a gelatinous material on the stems.  I thought, “Genius!!”  It was there to ensure that the flowers had moisture in transport.

Full Bouquet Packaging _6

Gel On Stems_7

I rinsed off the gel, trimmed the stems, and looked for the biggest vase I had.  I placed the first bouquet in the vase and quickly realized I would need a second vase.  I ended up with two beautiful bouquets of flowers.

Bouquets In Vases_8

My daughter kept asking to touch the flowers and asked if they were for her.  Knowing she’d likely be upset if I said no, I told her one was for her and the other for me.  You can’t imagine the joy this 3 year old got out of a bouquet of roses!

Ili Enjoying Her Bouquet_11

Ili Smelling A Rose_12

I am not the best at caring for plants nor bouquets.  I did trim the stems and change the water twice in a week period.  This kept them beautiful for a full 7 days. I’m sure they would have lasted a bit longer with daily care.

It’s surprising how a beautiful flower bouquet can improve one’s mood and beautify the home despite having a never ending mess of toys.

Needless to say, I was more than happy with Bouqs roses.  The value and quality sure beats any other on-line flower delivery service I’ve had experience with.  They have great regular pricing and also offer discounts for purchases made ahead of time for special occasions throughout the year.

So if you need a little self-love, don’t delay . . . buy yourself a Bouqs bouquet 😉

The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers

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