Letting Go and Letting God



Letting Go And Letting God

We usually spend our time around here blogging about preschoolers and very young adults because that’s what we know. Today, however, we have a special treat for you as we chat on the PodCast with Lisa Garr, a veteran Stay at Home Mom who has one daughter currently attending college and one son who is a senior in high school this year.

I talk to her about real anxiety and fears that moms face in this new phase of transition such as: How will we pay for college? What career is right for my child? and Will my child find friends who not only claim to share our faith, but who really walk the walk?

She has a special prayer for each and every one of you Mommas who are either right in this chapter of your life or are wondering what that chapter will be like one day. I walked away feeling renewed and strengthened, full of hope for the upcoming years and I really hope you do too! Please share and show your love for us by leaving a review on Itunes and leaving any comments here. We would love to hear your experiences and answer your questions! We know you are out there, we are getting a lot of listens in our stats lately, so please, pretty please don’t be shy!


Can’t listen now?  No problem . . . download the episode as an MP3 directly from this player and listen later while you drive or are doing chores 😉

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