How to Prepare for the Holiday Season

How to Prepare for the Holiday Season

It’s beginning to look (and feel) a lot like the Holidays! The holiday season is right around the corner, and it’s such an exciting time of year. This time of year can tend to sneak up on us, especially when it seems to go so fast that it’s gone with a blink of an eye. Keep reading for some easy ways you and your family can get ready for the holidays as they’re quickly approaching!

Host an arts and crafts day

Jumpstart your goal to prepare for the holidays by having a day for arts and crafts with your kids and their friends. Invite schoolmates, neighbors, or other family members over to create festive art the children will have a blast with. You can set up Thanksgiving crafts like gratitude garland or a paper turkey or get a head start on Christmas crafts with a jingle bell ornament or pinecone Christmas trees. You will have so much fun creating holiday arts and crafts with your kids, and you can let them go around the house afterward to display their work!

Have a Christmas movie marathon

There is nothing better than cozying up on the couch on a chilly night and watching Christmas movies! Even with Christmas still a while away, it’s never too early to spend time together enjoying wholesome family movies. Gather up your warmest blankets, fire up your fireplace, and get settled in. Let every member of the family pick their movie option to keep it interesting for everyone. Make a hot chocolate bar so that everyone can create their own mug full to sip on during the movies. If everyone is on board, make your movie night something you do every week until Christmas!

Decorate the house

When you’re looking to get your spirits up, spend a weekend pulling out your holiday decorations and enlist your kids to help put everything around the house. Whether it’s your job to host the holidays this year or not, having your home look and feel festive is the perfect way to get prepared! Burn a festive candle and set up a Thanksgiving tablescape. If you’re going elsewhere for Thanksgiving, use your beautifully decorated table as the setup for an intimate turkey dinner with just your immediate family prior to the holiday. When you’re ready to start decorating for Christmas and you need some inspiration, use some of these Christmas decorating ideas to get started.

Spend the day baking

Why not take advantage of the excuse to spend a whole day baking delicious festive treats? Whether you want to simply enjoy the desserts yourself or you want to try out pie recipes to bring to Thanksgiving, your holiday spirit will skyrocket when you enjoy your yummy baked goods. Even if Christmas is far away, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Christmas baking ideas now. Candy Cane cheesecake and gingerbread fudge have my sweet tooth begging for


Listen to holiday tunes

A super simple way to get ready for the holidays and get excited is to turn on some of your favorite Christmas albums and dance around the house. Tune into a holiday playlist on spotify and sing along with the family to get in the mood for the upcoming months! You can even have the music playing in the background as you bake or decorate the house to set the perfect scene. You’ll instantly feel ready for the holidays after spending a few hours listening to your favorite songs!


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