Homeschooling For Tots and Preschoolers

As a mother of a preschool aged child, I finally had to start paying attention to the latest and greatest news on education.  Things just aren’t like they were when I was growing up.  It’s no longer normal for a 4 year old to barely start learning the alphabet, colors, and numbers.  Goodness, 1.5 year olds are doing that now!

Homeschooling for Tots and Preschoolers

It seems kids need to be prepped just to go to preschool these days.  If you’re a mom who feels that pressure, like I do, or you simply have homeschooling in your heart for your littles but have no idea where to start . . . . then, don’t despair!  We have what you need to get going with homeschooling for tots and preschoolers.

I’m sure you know by now that Claudia, co-author on this blog, has 5 kids.  Yes 5!  Her oldest is 14 and just entering high school.  She’s home schooled them their whole life.

I think that definitely qualifies Claudia as a reliable and credible resource for how to start a journey in homeschooling.  Besides, she’s super nice and super fun!  Don’t miss our latest podcast episode on homeschooling for tots and preschoolers.

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