Home is Where My Books Are!

HomeBooks_bWhew, it’s been three days of being on the road and our family finally made it safely “home”.  The house we have come to call “home” is in our least favorite city in the world and is just a rental, it’s not even a home we own.  Soooo…since I had a lot of time to think about NOTHING on my three day treck back here, I was considering….why do we call this place our “home”.

It’s not the most beautiful of the places where we lay our heads, the weather is DEFINITELY not our favorite, there’s HOT, HOT and HUMID, and cold, but not the fun kind of blizzards you can cozy up indoors while the fire is going, sipping on hot cocoa kinda cold. Nope, just plain old kinda cold once winter rolls around. Blah.

Then it dawned on me…..it’s our books!   Home is whichever place I chose to keep all of our favorite Bibles and Bible study guides and resources.  It’s where our Homeschool curriculum is organized on shelves (and strewn all over the floor of every room…including bathrooms).  It’s where our mini science and history library grows every year.  It’s where our baby books are kept next to baby toys on a shelf where little hands can reach.  Its where our health books remind us to get back on track and our cookbooks help us make it fun. 

Home is where my good old fashioned paper journals are hidden on a top shelf of our library (before I started blogging). Home is where stories of old come alive and teach my girls (and soon new babies) timeless morals.  It’s where biographies teach character strengths and human kindness’ flaws are exposed.  It’s where modern stories re-tell the same old story in facscinating new ways 🙂  That’s home.  

So….of course home is where the heart is 🙂 So technically, home is in Heaven with my Lord.  I do believe we are just passing through this earth.  However, my earthly home is wherever I have made that space to sit and read to my kids.

Ahhhh….it’s good to be home!


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