Hey Mom, I’ll Start Dinner!: A Kid Friendly Cookbook

Disclaimer, a free book was received by me (Claudia) for the purposes of completing a review on my personal blog.  I found it so helpful, I thought I’d repost here in hopes it will bless one of you mommies.

Hey Mom, I’ll Start Dinner!:  A Kid Friendly Cookbook

Busy, busy, busy, is the best way to describe the last few months around our house.  Our new precious little addition, Miss Missy, has been a God-sent little miracle.  I’ve written about our adventures with our sweet and energetic little Toddler in our Routines with Toddler and New Baby series.  However, today is all about my Big Kids.

I’d like to share a little blessing that is bringing some fun and peace into our home…a wonderful book written by Cherilyn Dahlsten, the title of which contains one of the most wonderful phrases a busy mom could hope to hear, “Hey Mom, I’ll Start Dinner”


My “big girls” have been nothing but awesome little helpers since the addition of our two new babies.  Ages 11, 12 and 14, they are blossoming into beautiful young ladies right before my very eyes.  They especially flourish and really come into their own in the kitchen.

I told them I would be receiving a cookbook in the mail to review and blog about and they were politely happy for me.  However, when it finally did arrive and they opened it up and realized that the book is written TO them,  in a conversational style, they were so excited to get started.  So much so that I have hardly had a chance to get my hands on it myself since they have been reading, planning, and executing wonderful kid friendly meals.

As I started to share above, life has been super busy around here.  Our littlest one is only a few months and we have already gone back to our traveling ways.  I’m not complaining, just saying with planning and packing and unpacking and caring for two new babies, some things have fallen by the wayside.

For example, in the past few months, I have not had a chance to interact with our lovely Everything Stay at Home Mommies Group.  We have done a podcast but would love to have more time to explore ideas for that as well.  Finally, I was very excited about writing this review, and did not make the deadline.

I hope it will still be useful to somebody, especially to another busy Mommy with Tweens  who are eager to help but could use some more specific direction in the kitchen.  That is the most special part, in my opinion about this book.

I feel comfortable handing it over to my girls and leaving the kitchen to go play with and care for my two little ones.  It comes with a built in Mommy of sorts, to gently guide the girls with the littlest details, which normally they would come to me with.  With the girls’ help, we are still managing to eat pretty healthy around here.

  • My 14 year old says, “It really inspired me to start cooking and experimenting with food again.  I especially like the TIPS section. And, I enjoy the directions that remind me of simple things like wash my hands, and read all of the instructions before you start the recipe….most cookbooks would not include simple things like this, but that makes this cookbook really cool.  The side dishes are so easy, I really like that, that way you can quickly have a whole meal with just one recipe. I really really love this cookbook.”
  • My 12 year old says, “I really like how the recipes are easy to make and how it inspires us to try new things on our own in cooking.”
  • My 11 year old says, “I love how the recipes explain every step and give you tips like “don’t use too much of this” and the little things that are really important that regular cookbooks will leave out.  I like that it’s made for kids.  The pictures are really cool and vibrant.”

Finally, when I signed up to review this kid friendly cookbook, I expected to get a flimsy, just average, very basic and not so fun cookbook.  However, I have been so wonderfully pleased! The quality of the book itself is really great, everything from the beautiful pictures to the fun, yet very helpful formatting.  I appreciate the quality because I expect that it’s going to get a whole lot of wear and tear as one of our favorite go- to’s in our kitchen for years to come!  I hope you busy Mommies will check it out and love it as much as we did!

You can find the book on Amazon.  Make sure to drop by the website Hey Mom, I’ll Start Dinner to check out more reviews, the blog, recipes, and instructional videos.



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