Having a Safe Halloween This Year

Having a Safe Halloween This Year

Halloween is right around the corner, and there is a lot of fun to be had. While Halloween can be a blast for your family, you want to ensure you’re doing everything to keep your family safe around this mischievous holiday. Here are some tips to make sure you and your kids have the safest Halloween possible this year!

Trick or Treat in a group

Though some kids may be very mature and responsible, it is best to not let them go around the neighborhood trick or treating alone. If you feel your kids are old enough, make sure they have a group of responsible friends that they can travel the neighborhood with for the night. Or gather the adults to keep an eye on the children and go from house to house to gather candy with them. Parents can take the opportunity to socialize and all keep each other company while the kids have fun!

Protect your home

Halloween is a time for mischief, so you want to make sure you keep your home safe from any pranks or danger around the holiday. Whether you’re looking to keep your pumpkins from getting smashed or your house from getting hit with raw eggs, set up a home security system to watch out for any unwanted attention to your home. SimpliSafe is a great option to protect your home whenever you can’t be around to keep intruders out and to keep you and your family safe. And when Halloween night rolls around and you’re out trick or treating or at a costume party, you won’t have to worry!

Use reflective tape

By the time Halloween night rolls around, the sun sets sooner and it gets dark early on in the night. If your kids are dressed in an all black or dark colored costume, it will be hard for others to see them as they’re roaming throughout the neighborhood. Add some reflective tape to the front and back of their costume so that whenever light hits them, they’re visible to those around them and they stay safe throughout the night.

Watch out for cars

Although cars passing through neighborhoods should be on the lookout for trick or treaters (especially if they’re in their reflective clothing), that doesn’t mean every driver is going to be careful. Talk with your kids before they go out to make sure they know to be cautious as they cross the streets and go between houses while they’re out. It can be tempting for your children to run with excitement to the next house, but remind them to keep a lookout and go slow! The last thing anyone wants is for such a fun night to be ruined by an accident that could have been prevented by being a little more careful.

Dress for the weather

If the weather is getting cooler where you live, make sure your kids are dressed appropriately. While it might put a damper on their costume, have your child wear a coat and boots if needed, and even a hat and mittens if it’s really cold. There’s no sense in your child getting sick just for the sake of staying 100% true to the costume. If the forecast for Halloween night is looking a little bit chilly, plan ahead of time and try to gather items you can add to your child’s costume so they can stay warm. For example, if your daughter is dressing as a cat, attach her cat ears to a pair of earmuffs!

Check the candy

While you would hope no one out there is trying to hurt your child, it’s necessary to check every piece of candy before your child dives into their bucket of goodies! Throw out any homemade treats given by strangers, and only keep the prepackaged candies that are fully sealed. Make sure to check the ingredients on the packaging to avoid any treats with allergens your child is susceptible to. Read this article on what to watch out for when it comes to your kid’s Halloween candy to ensure their safety. To keep your candy raid from putting a damper on their fun, let them organize their candy by color or flavor while you take look at everything.



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  1. Doctear says:

    Great tips, Marisela. I think it is really very important to check on every goodie kids have in their buckets. Halloween should be fun and parents should make sure kids enjoy without having to suffer from allergies or stomach ache caused by treats they eat.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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