Fabulous Low Carb Gravy

I think that one of the most difficult parts of low carbing during the holidays (harder even than passing on the Christmas cookies . . seriously once you’re off sugar passing on the cookies is easy) has to be foregoing the gravy….especially if the meat is a little dry…yuck!

But how in the world can you make a fabulous low carb gravy, you’re wondering? After all, the base has to be either flour or starch, right?  Think again 🙂 The star of this show is onion!

Low Carb Gravy Over Turkey_Pinnable image

Yup, you heard right….I couldn’t believe my ears either.  Okay, so here’s the deal: you want to cook your onion for a long time to get it nice and soft.  A good idea is if you are making a soup or boiling up some nutritious bone broth anyway then throw in an extra halved onion or two.  I would say you could even roast your onions right along with your turkey or beef roast to be used for this gravy.  The upside of the latter is obviously you could make use of some of the delicious drippings from the pan.

But what if you are in a pinch and dinner has to be ready in the next forty minutes or so?

Well, life isn’t always perfect and not all of us keep our fridges perpetually stocked with nutritious 48 hour bone broth, so in a hurry you could use some store bought brand.

Onion And Store Bought Gravy

Side note: now before you go and get your pretty little feathers all ruffled because I’m suggesting you use the P word, yes proccessed broth, let’s get something straight 😉 we’re talking a “Wednesday night I just picked up the kids from soccer, baby boy is eating what?, teenage daughter is crying over her hair just being a wreck, middle schooler is hiding on the roof reading instead of setting the table, little sister sister is screaming to get her attention, baby girl…wheres baby girl?! Dads almost home and yeah, you forgot to pay that bill…kinda in a hurry night” not a “I have time to make a homemade broth for our perfect Rockefeller thanksgiving dinner kinda night 🙂
But I digress…

Rockefeller Family Dinner

Simply add a generous amount of broth in a small pan and boil away your onions while you prepare your meat and veggies.

Onions In Broth

This is a good time to Sautee some mushrooms in a pan in olive oil and maybe just a little butter. That takes no time, so when you are done just set them to the side.

Sauteed Mushrooms

Now that your onions have boiled down and are really soft, take them and about a cup of your broth and put it in a blender.  I never measure anything, that’s why I can’t bake, so don’t count on my 1 cup, just add broth a little at a time until you get the amount and consistency you would like.

Now, if you like mushrooms, this is a good time to add those into your gravy. I like to simmer it all up together, makes me feel like that helps get more mushroom flavor in there.

Gravy Over Beef


That’s it! Now serve over turkey, roast beef, meatloaf, whatever. You won’t miss the flour or starch….pinky promise 😉





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