Defending Your Calling To Be A Stay At Home Mom

If you are a stay at home mom or plan on becoming one, I’m sure you’ve found yourself in the position of defending your calling to be a stay at home mom.  Claudia and I certainly did and still do, to some extent.  You are not alone.

Defending Your Calling To Be A Stay At Home Mom

You may feel a number of things when you first make the transition:  panicked, overwhelmed, bored, lonely, and even ashamed.  In fact, I wrote about The Shame Of Being A Stay At Home Mom when we first started this blog.  Often, these feelings are magnified by the opinions – whether voiced or implied – of those closest to us.

Whether you are a seasoned stay at home mom or are soon to be a new one, you will come across situations where you may feel compelled to defend your calling.  How you do that and the confidence with which you will do it will change over time.  We invite you to listen in to our experiences upon becoming stay at home moms and how we handled and continue to handle opposition to our decision.  We share what makes us strong and resolved in our decision.

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