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  1. Lisa Novogrudsky says:

    Hi Marisela and Claudia! I love your show, I listen to it on podcasts on my iphone, I am still working but my boyfriend and I listen to Dr. Laura and we decided we will have me be the sahm and he will provide for us when we marry then have kids. I’m preparing in advance by listening to your show! You’re both a couple of fun AND very bridght well spoken women who give credibility to the cause. Keep going! The reason I write is that I wanted to give you a suggestion for a show: How to prepare your body for pregnancy. I say this because of things like weight, age, length of time on horomonal birth control, previous medications, foods to eat or stay away from, not exercising too hard so you don’t lose your period, also: reducing stress (I am transitioning to a lesser stress job because I think at my age of 35 I could be stressing my ovaries etc… Of course you will do your medical/legal disclaimer in the beginning, but I know you two will have amazing advice and could totally do a two part-er for this one! P.s the photo on the podcast with the little one and the kleenex makes me smile and coo everytime!!! Is that Iliana? Thanks again! Sending love prayers and blessings that you continue what you do. Thank you! Lisa

    • Marisela says:

      Oh, Lisa!! You are the encouragement our hearts needed right now. Thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear from a fan. Yayyy! It’s funny because we do these shows wholeheartedly wanting to put out the best most useful information out there but don’t really know, until now, who is on the other end listening. Thank you and God bless you! Yes, that would be an awesome show. I am actually starting to go through that at the age of 35 as well. Claudia is just a fertile bunny. J/K She really tried for her last two babies. I’m thinking of really trying so I feel like I have. But the challenges are definitely unique at this age, which I realized when I had to take progesterone to help my period. We need to do the homework, research, and find a good qualified guest and it’s on! Yes, the picture is of Iliana doing one of her mischiefs, LOL! I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with you. In fact, if you’re on facebook, we have a private group on there for mommies to discuss things more privately. You can just message me through the facebook page if you are interested ( You can pick brains as you prepare. Congrats on your decisions to marry and start a family. So happy for you! Thanks again for all the love, prayers, and blessings. I wish you the same. So glad the show is helping you! -Marisela

    • Claudia says:

      I just saw this! Yaay Thanks so much for letting us know you are out there, it means sooo much to us! Chime in whenever you want Lisa, we’d love to hear any more suggestions you have, and if you have a mommy or mommy wanna be one day 🙂 please pass on our links 🙂

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