Clean House: A Romantic Gesture

RosesIt All Started With Roses

When my husband and  I started dating in 2004, he was all romance.  I swear I got flowers, roses mind you, every week.  Perhaps the excitement of seeing me was fresh each weekend since we lived over 100 miles away from one another and only saw each other Friday-Saturday.

Anyhow, the culmination of all flower giving happened on the day he proposed.  I got a dozen roses for each year we had dated, so that made 3 dozen.  We were together 4 years before getting married, 1 year of engagement.  Well by then, the flower giving had died down to about once a month.  Not too shabby.

I must admit I kind of got used to receiving flowers and I did take it a little for granted.  Well after we got married, the flower giving close to died out.  Ok, ok, I still get flowers about 3 times a year, but it’s diddly squat compared to before marriage!!!

Today’s Romantic Gesture

Well just this week, I returned home with my daughter from a week long trip (visiting my parents).  My hubby met us at the airport and a little part of me was hoping to see him hold a bouquet of flowers.  His hands were empty, so I secretly hoped to see the flowers on our dining table when we got home.

Well there were no flowers, but I got something better!!  As soon as I walked through the door, I noticed the house was spotless.  I could tell my hubby had spent much time thoroughly cleaning the house as a house warming gift to me.

It may sound strange to say that my husband cleaning the house is a romantic gesture, but it really is on so many levels.  Having a clean house upon my return made me feel warm and welcomed.  It had been so long since I had seen the living room so picked up that I forgot the calming feeling you get from tidiness.

I felt understood.  My husband had just told me through actions and thought, rather than words, that he got it.  He got how hard it is to keep a clean house with a little 2.5 year old Tasmanian devil running around.

I felt appreciated.  My husband had gone through much time and effort to leave the home impeccable because he appreciated me and my efforts to maintain our home.  He wasn’t waiting for me to come home and “do my job” per a stay at home mom standard.

I felt loved.  My husband wanted me to feel relaxed and at ease when I got home.  By cleaning the house, he was thoughtful and considerate of me.  That, ladies, is what I call love.

My Love Language

Have you ever read the book, “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman?  Neither have I, LOL!  I started reading it, but I’m actually horrible at finishing books.

Anyhow, I read enough of it to get the gist of what the author was talking about.  In short, he talks about how each individual expresses love in different ways and expects it to be expressed in those same ways back.  For example, I’m a thoughtful person and like for people to express their love to me through thoughtful gestures.  I prefer a hand made gift over a store bought one for example, and thus tend to gift people things I make whenever possible.

Anyhow, the book talks about how it is important to understand each other’s love language and “speak” to your loved one in their language.  Well I’m happy to say, my hubby is speaking my love language without having ever read the book!  To me, that is proof that our love has grown and matured.

Although roses are very nice to get, I’ll take a clean house over flowers any day!

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