Why Chiropractic Care Is Essential To Your Family’s Health

Why Chiropractic Care Is Essential To Your Family’s Health

As moms, we typically take on the responsibility for our family’s health.  We seek ways to keep them healthy and prevent any kind of health issue.  Steps we usually take include following a healthy diet and encouraging exercise.  But what else can we do?  Turns out chiropractic care is essential to your family’s health.  Yeah, really!  It was definitely news to me.

Why Chiropractic Care Is Essential To Your Familys Health

I always thought chiropractors were people you see when you have an accident or hurt your back.  I thought they performed a lot of hocus pocus and mainly just cracked your back.  Then, I decided to try it.

I, for one, had sciatic nerve issues.  At age 28 I threw out my back tieing my running shoes.  That was scary enough to get me looking into a way to prevent back ache.  I can honestly say that after going to my chiropractor consistently, I have not suffered of any serious back pain.  Minor back pain usually gets resolved with a visit or two.

As a mom, I’m always picking up my squiggly daughter.  I place her on my hip which totally distorts my posture.  I co-sleep with her.  As much as I love cuddling with her, co sleeping messes up my shoulders and causes my back to hurt.  My neck gets tense and kinked from sleeping on my side so I can please her when she says “hug me” 5 times a night.  I kid you not when I say, I could not survive without my back adjustments.  In fact, my whole family could not survive without them, including my daughter.

Little one has been benefiting from chiropractic care since she was 3 months old.  Thanks to the gentle adjustments, misalignment due to her traumatic delivery was resolved and breast feeding issues were greatly reduced.  Unfortunately, she inherited my clumsiness.  So I am very grateful that the misalignment her little body has suffered from various falls, can be addressed before anything severe develops.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Since I took anatomy in college, it made total sense when my chiropractor explained that all nerves stem from the spine.  Therefore if the the spine is not aligned, a nerve (or two or three, etc.) does not function properly, thus the part of your body (or system) that nerve controls won’t function properly.  Makes sense, right?  Just think plumbing . . . if a pipe is clogged, the system gets backed up and grimy.  Before you know it, a pipe breaks and you have a mess on your hands.

So chiropractic care focuses on aligning your spine properly so your body functions properly.  It’s a holistic form of care.  It is a natural form of care.  It’s a preventative form of care for the entire family.

But quite honestly, I would cheat you by trying to explain chiropractic care and its benefits to you myself.  That’s why I invited my chiropractor to share his knowledge with you awesome mommies.  I invite you to listen in for some advice and tips from our guest, Dr. Kris Chaffin, as he explains the basics and benefits of chiropractic care for the entire family.

All I know, is that it is essential for us moms to keep our bodies running at its best.  We maintain our cars because they get us from A to Z . . . why not maintain our bodies which do so much more?  Everything Stay At Home Mom is all about enabling you to be the awesome mom you are meant to be.  Don’t pass up this opportunity.  Listen to this podcast now so you can learn the details and benefits of chiropractic care.  It’ll be a huge blessing on your health, I promise.


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