Alone Time Can Be The Best Gift For Mom

Alone Time Can Be The Best Gift For Mom

I LOVE my family.  I LOVE spending time with my family.  But you know, there are times when I just don’t want to have to take care of anyone and could use some time away from my family.

That is why I think alone time can be the best gift for mom; it most definitely is for this mom.

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This past Mother’s Day I didn’t have high expectations for any celebration of my awesomeness.  My husband, as dear as he is, isn’t an on the budget romantic kind of guy.  His idea of romance prior to us marrying was weekend trips, exotic flowers, and steak dinners.  Now that we’re being budget conscious, romance is a bit more of a challenge . . . or is it?  Hubby has definitely morphed his romantic gestures to my evolving love language.  This Mother’s Day he gifted me the gift of time, specifically alone time.

Why I Needed Alone Time

When your average day looks like mine, you’re in dire need of alone time.  My average day consists of waking up exhausted, because my little on is a tasmanian devil co sleeper.   After my fourth or fifth waking, I convince myself it is time to get up and get my day started since there is light outside.

I try to start my day by listening to the bible because reading it is still too exhausting at such an early hour.  I end up rewinding 3 or 4 times, because my attention span is short and my mind easily wonders or freezes.  Once I’ve completed at least a day from my chronological reading plan, I start my day.

My day mostly consists of tending to my high maintenance daughter’s high maintenance needs.

“Mommy I want cereal, mommy I want kindle please, mommy I’m cold, mommy I want hug” are everyday morning phrases in my home.  It takes me up to 45 minutes sometimes to get a simple breakfast together because of all the interruptions.  My biggest accomplishments in a given day can be making three meals, cleaning 3 sets of dirty dishes, and getting my kid to eat and change out of her pajamas.

Somehow, the constant picking up of toys, cleaning spills, wiping boogers, and changing 3 princess dresses doesn’t seem worthy of making the accomplishment list.  My biggest breaks and time for productivity comes when I let her indulge watching videos on Youtube.  Yes, I’m that mom more often than not.

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When hubby gets home, it’s time to get the dinner ready and served.  He’s exhausted more often than not and in need of a nap.  Little one might be ready to lose it if I didn’t get to nap her that day.  “Mommy, play with me”, I hear repeatedly as I try to stir fry some vegetables.  Then after an hour of feeding a 3 year old who refuses to feed herself beyond 5 bites, I try to entertain her so hubby can sleep.

I see the dirty laundry and decide to start a load, little one loses it because she wants to do it herself.     I handle the tantrum, praying for patience so I don’t rise to anger.  After all, she only wanted to help mommy. In the end, I end up re washing at least one load once or twice because I forget to dry it the same day.

I  glance at the corner of the room to discover a basket of last week’s laundry that hasn’t been folded.  After folding 5 t-shirts, I look up at the clock, it’s 9:30 P.M.   Another day has passed that I didn’t exercise, another magazine gets added to the pile of 17 magazines that haven’t been read, another day I didn’t do anything on or for my blog, another day I didn’t get to do anything for myself.  “How will I ever homeschool?  How do moms find time to craft?”, I ask . . . feeling unaccomplished and overwhelmed once again.

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My Date With Myself

So when hubby said, for Mother’s Day let’s do a belated celebration dinner later in the week and just take 5 hours to yourself the day of . . . I jumped on it.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to be alone on Mother’s Day.

I was happy to spend time with myself.  I took myself to the movies and had a massage.  The time honestly flew by, leaving me wanting for more hours in the day.

I realized I need to recharge through some alone time.  Most importantly, the time alone let me reflect on my life.  My life may not seem very productive most days, in fact, it can get very monotonous and tedious.  However, I get to be there for my little girl all day and set the example for her through the way I handle every task I do.   I get to enjoy every minute of every milestone my daughter goes through. I am doing a better job looking after my family’s health than I did when I worked.   I get to support my husband more with his work allowing him to fully focus on his job, which has already reaped benefits.  To me, that is priceless and worth the occasional frustrations and sense of insecurity I go through.

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Making time for ourselves is something every mom forgets to do, but it’s essential.  That is what makes it such a great gift when reminded of it by someone else.  Alone time can be the best gift for mom.

Do you share any of these frustrations and emotions?  What do you do to recharge?  Please share in the comments.  

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    • Marisela says:

      Thanks for the opportunity 🙂 Yes! Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to even remember to make time for alone time. Thank you for stopping by!

  1. Brenda says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting alone time! As a working mom, I have so much trouble getting the day to day necessities of the household accomplished (laundry, dinner, alone time, etc.). It’s comforting to know that stay at home moms have trouble with that too!

    • Marisela says:

      Yes, Brenda! You are not alone. Both staying home and working are hard in their own special way. Both are unique to each mama as well. A good friend of mine once told me, “I’ve realized we each have our own “hard” things when it comes to being moms. There is no point in comparing only in supporting each other through our own version of hard.” So true! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll be back soon 🙂

  2. Lisa M. says:

    Such a great post! I can relate on everything you have covered. I for sure get my work done while my little one is surfing youtube or playing on any electronic device. My only other option would be to stay up till 2am…and this body can’t take that anymore! So glad you got your alone time for Mothers Day it truly is a great gift! I will have to try to work that one in for my gift next year =)

    • Marisela says:

      Thank you, Lisa. I know, right? I hear of moms who only give their kids 30 minutes to 1 hr a day of tube time and I think, “how?!” Then I stop myself realizing the danger of comparison. I did enjoy my time; I highly recommend it! You’ll have to break in the idea slowly through little breaks here and there throughout the year 🙂

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