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I’m going to be perfectly honest here.  I’m a recovering professional, recovering from my former life as a corporate world engineer.  In 2012, I decided to take the plunge and become a stay at home mom because I was tired of feeling like I was missing out in life with my little one, and to some extent with my husband as well.

Ok, my boss helped me a bit with the decision.  My husband had a two month vacation coming up, and we wanted to have tons of fun.  The only way I could do it was if my boss gave me a leave of absence.  He didn’t.  I chose to leave.  The thought had been brewing in my head for a while, but I just hadn’t had the nerve to do it.  Better said, I wasn’t ready to give up the extra income and sense of individuality that a career gave me.

The transition was hard, so so hard!  It honestly took me two years to become comfortable staying at home.  I went through a full year trying out home businesses in an effort to bring in some money.  At least, that’s what I told myself.  In reality, I needed something to help me feel productive and in some way independent.  Being a stay at home mom, I hate to say it, made me feel a bit like a servant . . . like I had given myself up and was losing myself.  Truth is, I’m still exploring new projects that give me an additional sense of purpose, individuality, and allow me to use my brain creatively while home with my kids.

I started this blog to have a voice, to interact with other moms, and to create a community for moms that might feel the same as me.  It wasn’t really my idea.  It was Claudia’s!  She’s my awesome friend who saw me through this difficult transition.  She also co-blogs and co-hosts our podcast.  I tell her she’s the talent, while I’m the tech support.  Haha!

We’ve talked about real raw life.  We’ve shared

About Everything Stay At Home Mom 

Through the years, this blog has evolved and is still evolving.  We started by talking about the transition we went through from professionals to stay at home moms and the many ups and downs as a result of  our decision to stay at home.  In my case, it was mostly because I was not ready to embrace wholeheartedly staying at home as my new profession.  My marriage even suffered a bit as I tried to define and meet expectations.  It took serious soul searching and interruption by God to get my priorities straight (for real).  Then everything started to fall into place.

We’ve attempted to share tips on healthy living, which we realize is a struggle in itself.  Sometimes we just need that prepackaged food or fast food to survive and get onto the next thing!

We’ve talked about how life as a stay at home mom does NOT become perfect, not even close.   But, having a roadmap, even for the little things, makes such a big difference.

We post and podcast a lot about the little things, in hopes of  supporting and encouraging moms in the everyday challenges.  The struggle is real!!! Getting out of our pajamas is nearly impossible on some days.

These days, we are very much into homeschooling.  Claudia has done that for 12+ years now, and I’m just now starting.

We invite you to join us on our journey . . . we pray that some of what we share will be helpful to you.

Everything Stay At Home Mom is here to:

  • Be an interactive and encouraging community for moms whose heart is at home, whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom
  • Support you in everyday life
  • Share the joys and CHALLENGES of motherhood
  • Support you in a faith driven motherhood
  • Listen to you and be your crying shoulder
  • Encourage you in healthy living because a healthy family is a happy family
  • Provide tools and resources for deliberate homemaking

About Everything Stay At Home Mom The Podcast

I’m blessed with a great friend, Claudia, who took the road to staying at home long before I did.  She’s been instrumental to my transition and has been a tremendous support.  We can chat for hours without end aboutClaudia_Mari_HS mommyhood.

Being the creative SAHM that she is, she said, “Hey, I listen to a lot of podcasts when I travel.  We should record some of our conversations.  We can make them into podcasts.  I’m sure they would help other moms.”  And THAT is how EverythingSAHM the podcast was born.  We aren’t radio DJs so please bear with our recording mishaps, but the content is totally there.

You can hear us directly on BlogTalkRadio.com or download our podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher.

The only way I could convince Claudia to let me post a picture of her was to post one of when we first met . . . . . almost 20 years ago!  Check out the bright red lipstick, LOL!

Claudia is also an author on this awesome website. So make sure to check her posts out as well!

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