7 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma From Mom

7 Easy DIY Mothers Day Gifts For Grandma From Mom

I’ve always loved making gifts for my mom because of two reasons:  1.  She’s impossible to shop for . . . . 2.  She truly appreciates the thought and time I put into it.  But when I became a mom, it seemed like all creativity fled from me.  Perhaps it’s the exhaustion and short term memory that has remained, but I’ve been horrible at even sending cards for birthdays and Christmas.

7 Easy DIY Mothers Day Gifts For Grandma

So here I am, just days from Mother’s Day trying to figure out a meaningful gift to send my mom by 3 day priority mail so I can redeem myself.  I know you all are busy moms and could use a few Mother’s Day gift ideas yourself.  So I decided to write this post to share a few ideas for creative, meaningful, and EASY DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma from Mom.  I’m not discriminating against Dad’s Mom or great grandmothers or aunties etc. . . . . these ideas most definitely apply to them too.  I just couldn’t include everyone on the post title 😉

Ok, here we go . . . . .

1.  Generational Photo Shoot via Moose Tracks

This obviously requires a little bit of planning.  But what you can do is get a blank frame ready as a prop to take the pictures needed to put this together at your Mother’s Day celebration (if you’ll be seeing your mom).  You can then put the photo together and deliver the finished result within the next week.  Check out the tutorial at Moose Tracks.


Generational Photo

 Via Moose Tracks

2.  10 Things I Learned From You Photo Album

This is something I did years and years ago.  It was a total winner and had my mom in tears of joy.  I gathered about 12 photos of my mom’s life, including her youth.  I made sure to pick photos that represented a trait I admired in her or a value she had instilled in me.  I put the photos in a small album and at the bottom of each picture I included a note thanking her for showing me how to ________ .  BTW, yes this is a picture of my mom . . . shhhhhh, don’t tell her she’s on the internet . . . she’ll freak out.


Via Everything Stay At Home Mom

3.  DIY Picture Pendant via Sugar Bee Crafts

Depending on your mom’s style, you may select a DIY Picture Pendant such as this one from Sugar Bee Crafts.  You may choose a picture of you/mom, you/mom/grandkids, or just the grandkids.  Perhaps, mom may prefer a fancier locket with a picture inside.  Either way, a picture pendant is a very thoughtful gift in my opinion.

Custom Photo Pendant

Via Sugar Bee Crafts

4.  Framed Scripture via Everything Stay At Home Mom

You can also gift mom a nicely framed meaningful scripture.  I chose Proverbs 31 to make a free printable for you all; I hope you heart it 😉  You can make your own using a free online software called PicMonkey as well.  If you decide to use this one, make sure to print with no borders on cardstock or photo paper.  It is sized as an 8 X 10 so you may have to trim it if using legal sized paper.

Mothers Day Scripture Printable Image


5.  Coupon Book via Homemade Gifts Made Easy

I love coupon books as gift ideas.  I’ve given my share to my hubby, which luckily he forgets about . . . ha, ha, ha.  Anywhooo . . . I’ve seen a ton of beautiful free Mother’s Day coupon printables BUT they aren’t very applicable to Grandma.  My mom lives far from me, so I would need to make unique coupons i.e. “Day Long Date With Just Me On My Next Visit”.  Homemade Gifts Made Easy has an online software you can use to customize your coupons.  They are very cute and very cheap.




 Via Homemade Gifts Made Easy

6.  Open When Letters via Everything Stay At Home Mom

“Open When Letters” are used typically for Valentine’s Day or major milestones in a person’s life.  In fact, the movie P.S. I Love You had me balling when the deceased husband left these letters for his wife.  These are letters you write for a person for different occasions in their life.  On the front of the letter, you state when that person should open it.  For example, “Open When You Turn 21”.

I think it would be lovely to write such letters for our moms.  My mom, in particular, often feels lonely because all her kids live out of town.  So I might write, “Open When You Feel Lonely”.  I’ve made a free printable for the letter labels to save you some time and effort.   Hope you heart it too 😉


Letter For Mom Printable Image


7.  Hand Print Bouquet Made By Grandchildren (or you) via Trendy Treehouse

Lastly, a hand print bouquet is a sweet and easy craft to have the kiddos make for grandma.  You can embellish it and add your own personal touches too.  In fact, it would be sweet and endearing if you do it using your handprints.   I got this idea from Trendy Treehouse.  Check out my kiddo’s version of the craft below.




Hopefully, these ideas are useful to you.  

What do you have planned for your mom this Mother’s Day?  Are you making or buying a gift?  Or perhaps you show your love in a different way?  

Please share in the comments, I’d love to know.



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    • Marisela says:

      Thank you so much, Jill. I was really trying to have ideas that were simple but very meaningful. I wrote my mom some “open when” letters . . . she didn’t exactly get the concept, but I hope she will and will love when she opens the first one. Thank you for visiting! I hope you’ll be back soon 🙂

  1. Regina Partain says:

    Hi Marisela. Thank you for linking up on the Pintastic Pinteresting Party! What great gift and craft ideas. I love them. I can’t decide which one I like best, they are all so good.

    I am looking forward to trying some of these. I do especially like the handprint bouquets. They are adorable.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Claudia says:

    Thanks so much! I’m totally going to try the beautiful hand prints bouquet. I’m so lucky to have such a neat, creative friend 🙂 keep those ideas coming! 🙂

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