12 Low Key Mom’s Night Out Ideas

12 Low Key Mom’s Night Out Ideas

I recently went out on a mini mom’s night out with some great ladies from my MOPS group.   All we did was watch a movie.  It was so low key, yet refreshing, that it got me thinking about other things moms can do to hang out.  So I came up with a list of 12 low key mom’s night out ideas.

Moms Night Out

Mom’s Night In The Movies

I thought a list like this would be useful because this day in age, television and cinema glorify mom’s night out as an opportunity to unwind by getting get wild and crazy.  You typically see scenes of mom’s shooting up shots of tequila, dancing wildly in clubs, and getting dragged back home drunk.

Although I don’t drink, I’m NOT JUDGING.  I just think the other side of the coin should be displayed.  Because, really, what mom wants to have to deal with a hangover when she has to rise up early to take care of screaming kids.  What options does a breast feeding mother have?  Will an exhausted sleep deprived mother really want to be out all night drinking?

That is why I found the movie, Mom’s Night Out, very refreshing.  I knew nothing about the movie and went in expecting some wild crazy story that involved drinking and some kind of sexual innuendos.  Yes, I can find the humor in those types of movies too, I’m not uptight 😉

Moms Night Out_The Movie

About 40 minutes in, I finally realized this was a wholesome movie!  The mom’s night out was going to consist of a nice fancy dinner with the gals.  It turned into a wholesome comedy through a bunch of misunderstandings fueled by the dads being overwhelmed with the task of taking care of the kids.  I highly recommend it, but won’t go into details because I think you should definitely go see it.  Towards the end of the movie, I finally realized this could be considered a Christian movie . . . there was mention of Jesus, (in) courage, and the MOPS theme.  The moral of the story was awesome:  just be present~find the joy in the little things~don’t be so hard on yourself~be a mom~God made you for that~He will take care of the rest.

The List, Without Further Ado

As mom’s, we need to refuel by having time for ourselves.  We need time to explore our interests.  We need time to connect with other women.  You already know my opinion on this from my post mother’s day post.  So I sincerely hope this list is helpful to you in finding a little time to recharge in the company of your favorite gal(s).

Moms Night Out Ideas Collage_Pin

1.  Mani/Pedi

I don’t know about you, but I don’t regularly do a mani/pedi although I desperately need to . . .there is something about soft feet that makes me feel beautiful.  Not to mention how much housework wears out your hands, manicures are also welcome.  So why not make it a gal’s night, book the latest appointment at a salon, chat your hearts away while you are pampered.

2.  Fondue Dessert Party

I’ve been so wanting to do this.  I envision getting together with friends at someone’s house . . . have a pot of yummy melted cheese and another of chocolate . . . dip delicious breads and fruits into the pots.  Yumm!  Then chat our hearts away as we indulge 🙂

3.  Dinner and a Movie

Yes, this is a typical activity, but when was the last time you went to the movies?  You may not realize it’s been several months.  Have a fancy dinner with the gals, or not, or sneak in food.  Just relax 🙂

4.  Bunco Potluck

I’ve been invited to many a bunco nights and have never attended.  But apparently, it’s a mommy thang.  So I will have to join one of these days.  Pitch in with food, to take the load off of the hostess.  Have fun!

5.  Favorite show or chick flick movie marathon

It’s been years since I’ve REALLY watched TV.  Sometimes I’d like to just sit down and veg for a few hours watching some of my favorite shows.  Moms don’t usually just sit.  We’re trying to multitask doing laundry, cleaning, feeding kids,  . . . whatever.  You get my point.  Why not make a date with some girlfriends and just veg in front of the tube?

6.  Artsy night – Paint a canvas or ceramic

As moms, we get used to a routine at home.  Our creative energy usually goes into house or kid related stuff.  Why not test our creative juices with a little art?  Groupon often has deals for nights out  with a friend where you take an art class and paint on a canvas or paint ceramic.  It’s something different that is sure to be refreshing.

7.  Fancy cooking lesson and dinner

Want a fancy dinner but can’t afford it?  Curious how nice restaurants prepare their food?  Well you can take a cooking class with a chef and get to eat a nice dinner also by using Groupons that offer the package.

8.  Pinterest Party

I KNOW I’m not the only one pinning 1000 pin ideas to 1 pin I actually make/use on Pinterest.  So pick that one Pinterest project you’ve been dieing to do.  Get your friends to do the same.  Get together and do them!

9.  Cook and Chat Night

This could just be a night to come together over some delicious food you prepare with friends.  Or it could be a freezer cooking party, over which you bond.  Either way, food is always better in the company of friends.

10.  Bowling

I don’t even remember when the last time I went bowling was . . . you may go more often if you have older kids.  But, a little competitive fun is always great with friends!

11.  Make A Photo Album

Have a ton of photos of your kids in YOUR COMPUTER?!  It seems almost impossible to make the time to put together photo albums, whether they be the kind you print as books, the old fashioned ones where you stick the photos in an actual album, or a scrapbook.  Make it a mom’s night and get this done 🙂

12.  Workout and a Smoothie Bar

You know you need to exercise more, never seem to have the time to do it,  . . . well why not do it at least for a night with friends.  You may decide to set a goal and help each other through it.  Discuss exercise and diet tips over some delicious smoothies.  Make it a night!

 I’m sure there are a ton more low key mom’s night out ideas.  What are your favorites?  Please share in the comments, I’d love to expand my options 😉

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  1. Fierozah says:

    Sounds calm and relaxing. Perhaps a spa themed night with some friends or in my case one girlfriend. Doing feet, face, hands or massages. Using self made soaks, facial products etc. Playing games to win a prize made of homemade lotions, lip balm masks etc. I’ve never done it, but I came across it on social media and mentally added more ideas. I’d really love to host or go to a party with such a theme. Would be super fun and relaxing.

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